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Pulsar Modular P440 Sweet Spot 1.4.4

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Sweet Spot from P440 will make you rethink the capabilities of an EQ. P440... Your mystical magic wand.

It is likely that you have heard many people say something similar about mastering. "It makes the music come alive" or "it's the final polish which transforms into something stunning" or "It's like... magic!" Mastering is the same as wizardry. The practitioner has the power, of course. But, just like all wizards, the mastering engineer wields a simple yet powerful tool that connects their mystical knowledge to the physical world. The mastering engineer uses it as an equalizer, while the wizard uses it as a magic wand.

Sweet Tremor boosts infrasonic frequency! You will get a more open and punchy sound if you lower the frequencies. You'll end up with cotton candy in your ears if you boost frequencies! You may scream in horror in Plugin Doctor when you see the "stairway to Heaven" graph for the 200 Hz low shelf or the 2 kHz high shelf, but you will melt in your seat when you hear it. Visually, nothing makes sense but your ears will tell you differently.

P440 Sweet Spot allows you to rethink the possibilities of an EQ. P440... Your mystical magic wand.

The following are some examples of

  • Feel and behave like organic hardware.
  • Three-band EQ with fixed and proportional Q.
  • New Tremor circuit.
  • Curved Custom Shelving
  • Filters for LP & HP with resonance.
  • Zero sample latency!
  • Dual mono behavior within the plugin.
  • Automated automation is possible with all parameters exposed by your DAW.
  • MacOS: Silicon-ready AU, VST3 and AAX formats.
  • Windows: VST3 format and AAX format.
  • Linux LV2 format coming soon!

What's New
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